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Solwa Srl aims to be the new international reality of water treatment sector (polluted or sea water)dehydration and management of water compounds (sludge, leachate, digestate, woody biomass), dehydration of food and a new innovative system for agriculture (in barren and coastal areas). Solwa Technology, born from the desalination of water from a research of several years, can also be applied to the energy sector, given the versatility and scalability that is the basis of the process.

Solwa Technology is powered only by SOLAR ENERGY for every product. 

Solwa Technology is environmentally friendly and it is also focused on the highest efficiency reached by modern scientific and technological knowledge in renewable energies field. The basic business idea is to be able to develop a competitive product and, at the same time, thanks high performances, to reach the largest number of customers in the world.

Solwa solar still (water application) has been nominated by United Nations as “Innovation for Development of Humanity” | IDEASS Program


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