innovative system for drying food with renewable energies

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FoodWa is an innovative system based on solar energy for drying food (fruit, vegetable, fish, meat) to improve its storage for trading or for extracting essential oils used by chemical and cosmetic industry. FoodWa is the most advanced autonomous system powered by solar energy and able to dry quickly, safely and healthy products for industrial use or end users. The easy management of the system allows solving different needs and treating different types of food products.
FOODWA BATCH: final users and small Communities
  • Batch process
  • 100 kg/month
  • Only renewable energies
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to use
FOODWA INDUSTRIAL: industrial sector
  • Easy to transport (40 ft naval container)
  • Continuous working process
  • 50 Ton/month
  • Only renewable energies
  • High efficiency and quality
  • Low maintenance
  • Space-saving
  • Safe and health dried products


Download this file (Brochure FoodWa.pdf)FoodWa Brochure[ ]802 kB
Download this file (Report FoodWa.pdf)FoodWa Report[ ]691 kB


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