innovative combined process for treating leachate

What is it?

WastWa is an integrated system to treat leachate in situ, using several techniques powered by environmentally friendly energies.
WastWa is a plant composed of specific designed solar stills, which are able to remove more than 50% of water and up to 98% of nitrogen (ammonia) from leachate. This process is powered only by solar energy, without chemical products or complex systems. The extracted water goes through a scrubber, the solution is acidified and the ammonium salts fall down. The treated water can be drained into waterways.
The concentrate of leachate is used in a constructed wetland system. Through natural processes, utilized by plants, the concentrate of leachate is purify. At the end of the process, the output of WastWa is pure water dischargeable into waterways.

What does it do?

Leachate is the rainwater that was filtered through landfill, carrying all the pollutants of the solid wastes. Leachate has high levels of organic and inorganic substances, heavy metals and bioorganic fire-resistant compounds, as humic acids.
Leachate, collected from the bottom of the rubbish dump, has chemical variable characteristics in function of stored waste, the permanence of waste and climatic conditions.
This high variety creates problems for the correct functioning of the purification systems.

WastWa is compliant with the current Italian regulations.

How does it do it?

WastWa is a new integrated system, with reduced maintenance requirements, powered only by solar energy. It is environmentally friendly and able to treat leachate directly in the landfill.
The system stands alone (except for ammonia acidification treated thanks to the use of sulphuric acid) and self-adjusting, thus reducing transport costs. It is perfect to reduce management and leachate treatment costs (less than 20 €/m3). Furthermore it is easy to manage and able to treat chemical variations of post-mortem leachate.

Why does it do it?

Currently more than 1 billion tons of leachate per year is produced in the whole Europe. In the Region of Veneto the annual production is about 400.000 tons, which represents more than 50% of special waste sent to water treatment plants.
Biological treatment is obstructed by toxic substances (as PAH-polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, PCB-polychlorinated biphenyls, etc.) and/or by and bioorganic fire-resistant compounds (humic acids or surfactants). The main costs of treating leachate are the management, the storage and the transport to the waste treatment plants (about 40 €/m3).
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