Solwa was established on 12 January 2012 in Padua - Italy.
In the same year, the Company becomes the owner of the "SolWa" patent.

The United Nations (IDEASS program) declare the SolWa module as an "Innovation for the Human Development".

In 2012, Huffington Post included SolWa  module among the 10 Global technological successes of the year.

In 2013 Solwa received the "Innovative StartUP" Award with a focus on the Green Economy.

  Thanks to the usefulness and purpose of its products, and above all to its high innovative potential, Solwa has received various Awards: si riconoscimenti: Innovazione italiana dell'anno (MIT Boston), Premio nazionale dell'innovazione (Presidency of Republic), Impresa del futuro (Prize Gaetano Marzotto), Success Story (EU Commission), Global Social Venture (Barkeley University of California), EU-Improve Award (Turkey).

During December 2014, SANTEX RIMAR GROUP acquires 80% of Solwa.
Solwa therefore becomes part of the Corporation located in Trissino (VI) and begins the industrial process of its products.

Within the Group, Solwa develops the GreenTech sector: Green Innovative Technologies for water treatment and drying processes.

During EXPO2015 in Milan, Solwa presents the FoodWa system (UN Stand) and the ambitious Project "WorldWa"... winning the "UNIDO Award" contest of the United Nations.

Between 2018 and 2019, 2 patents are filed to protect the new DryWa module, which is officially presented worldwide during the ITMA Fair in Barcelona.




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